Clan Application: KryptoMagic

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Clan Application: KryptoMagic

Post  KryptoMagic on Tue Apr 12, 2011 11:35 am

Character Name: KryptoMagic
Character level: 63
Character class: Arch Mage
Character Items: WoE+1rev, Mage Linen Robe +8, Mage Linen Pants +7, Mage Shoes +8, Mage Gloves +8, Mage Hat +8, Old Flame Ring x2, Old Light's Belt, Old Bronze Earrings x2, Old Goddess Necklace
Do you have a microphone?: Yes
Can you use Ventrilo?: Yes
Can you use a Forum?: Yes
Where you are from?: Trinidad
Why would you like to join us?: I was an old member, started back playing. this was my old clan
How long do you play a day on average?: 2-4 hours (but am generally always online)
Do you consider yourself as an ACTIVE player?: Yes
Your current in-game goals: Finish gearing up, level 72(need teams), War(need a guide since i never went before) xD
Your past clans: Inifinity, DoE


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