Main Clan Application [Read Before Posting]

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Main Clan Application [Read Before Posting]

Post  Debbie on Sat Sep 27, 2008 11:01 am

Hi there, you're looking for a clan? Good, we're looking for members!
What we'd like you to write down in your post here is:
Character Name:
Character level:
Character class:
Character Items:
Do you have a microphone?:
Can you use Ventrilo?:
Can you use a Forum?:
Where you are from?:
Why would you like to join us?:
How long do you play a day on average?:
Do you consider yourself as an ACTIVE player?:
Your current in-game goals;
Your past clans:
How much nps do you have? / Willing to donate? :

We're looking for people who are above level 70, who DO NOT share their accounts, and who are willing to abide by our clan rules.

Hope you see you ingame, in ventrilo, and in the chat!

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